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Chapter VII: The Lynx and the White Dog

[Translator’s note: The title of this chapter is referring to the mythical creature Lynx, not the animal with the same name in Vietnamese. As mentioned in an earlier post, when the animal was introduced to Vietnam, we used an already-existing word–one originally used to refer to the mythical creature–as the translation.] After the tào phớContinue reading “Chapter VII: The Lynx and the White Dog”

Chapter VI: The Tam Cúc Set

Phượng Ngân stood straight, with her sword’s tip resting on the ground. She pushed her own chin up and asked defiantly: “Do you also think me a damsel in distress?” “Nope. Not even remotely. Do I look like a blind man to you?” He chuckled, before continuing, “But, sometimes, the fist isn’t the answer toContinue reading “Chapter VI: The Tam Cúc Set”

Chapter V: The Rooftop at Three AM

From what Phượng Ngân was told, up in the mountainous area, there was a type of malevolent spirits called Ma Rừng (lit. Jungle Ghosts), essentially unfortunate souls died tragically in the jungle. Usually, on rainy and windy nights such as this, these spirits would come to people’s houses, pretending to be travelers or acquaintances askingContinue reading “Chapter V: The Rooftop at Three AM”

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