About Us

Cổ Thuyết is dedicated to introducing our beloved Vietnamese culture to International friends.

We’re a team of two Vietnamese authors who met and became best friends through our shared love for our culture and the written words.

Since then, we’ve been working on various projects with the goal of sharing said love and culture with the world.

This site was started as a hub linking to all of our different projects.

Nghịch Tử (lit. Paradoxical Normie) is an amateur writer, Vietnamese born and raised. After spending his childhood memorizing folklore and fairytale to entertain his little brother, he’s formed deep bonds with the written words and culture alike. He’s currently living and studying in Frankfurt, Germany, and writes whenever he has free time. He’s the main author and in charge of most content.

Việt H. Nguyễn (also known as Monkey/MoKi by his friends) is also a Vietnamese amateur writer and freelance translator who loves spending time living in a fantasy bubble inside his own head. Having a grandmother who used to be a history teacher and a grandfather who was both a scientist and an artist, he’s similarly developed bonds with culture & arts. He’s also living and studying in Germany, though not in the same city. He’s the editor and translator in charge of rewriting the novel from Vietnamese into English, turning the manuscript into a complete book, and partially contributing to plot and characters creation, building, and development via suggestions. He’s in charge of the more technical stuff, though also contributes to content.

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