Our other works (Only in Vietnamese)

Long Ngư diễn nghĩa (Nghịch Tử, 2020-present): A historical fiction wuxia novel, taking place from 1737 to around 1790, the era of Trịnh -Nguyễn to Tây Sơn in Vietnam, or the Qing Dynasty in China;

Thuận Thiên Kiếm – Rồng Không Đuôi (lit: Sword of Heavenly Will: Tailless Dragon) (Nghịch Tử, 2017-2020, being reworked/doing extra research for): A historical fiction wuxia novel, taking place between 1407-1427, the end of the Hồ Dynasty until the beginning of the Later Lê Dynasty. It tells the story of Tạng Cẩu (lit: Dirty Dog) and his journey as a war orphan when China’s Ming Dynasty took over Vietnam until the country regained its freedom .

Truyền kỳ Xứ Mộng (lit: Dreamland Chronicles) (Viet H. Nguyen, under the pen-name Thanh Mao Hầu Vương (lit: Blue-Furred Monkey King), 2017-2019, being reworked into an English novel series set in the same multiverse as the Half-Alive and Half-Dead series): In the present day (or more precisely late 2000s), a group of middle-graders found out they’re Dual-Realmers, capable of travelling between Earth and the Dream Realm, with the sacred duty of keeping guard over reality itself.

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