Review Policy

Okay, if you had made it to this page, you’re probably looking for reviews. In which case, we feel obliged to warn you that while we’re normally nice people, when we’re in reviewers mode, we’re very critical. In fact, one of the main reasons we became best friends in the first place was because we were the first person who could withstand each other’s criticism in regards to writing.

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So, before you submit your works for our reviews, for the love of all things good, please actually read the following Policy as well as these particular sample reviews:

Nghịch Tử’s reviews of Maygest’s Tale and The Poppy War.

Viet’s reviews of Maygest’s Tale and The Poppy War.

If, after reading those, you’d still like to move forward, then here are our preferred genre:

  • Fantasy/Sci-fi;
  • Young adults/Adults;
  • Action/Adventure;
  • Wuxia/Tianxia.

We do NOT review:

  • Overly religious books (some mention is okay, religion in general is not an immediate red flag, but we generally don’t read those);
  • Non-fiction;
  • Historical fiction, especially ones based on Chinese/Vietnamese culture (it’s not that we don’t like those. We love them, in fact. But we’re extremely strict when it comes to them, so you’ll likely be wasting your time unless you write better than Jin Yong).

If your book doesn’t fall into any of the above category, ask away. We might still consider it if your blurb attract our attention and the Preview or “Look Inside” of your novel manage to hook us.

What we need to know:

  • Book title
  • Author’s name
  • Goodreads/Amazon page
  • Genre

After knowing these, we’ll read the blurb and the preview, and get back to you with a preliminary email of thoughts and criticism, estimation of rating from what we’ve seen so far, and whether or not we’d want to take on the full book. If after reading that, you still have no hurt feelings and would like to move forward still, send us the full book.

As we’re super busy with our own life and writing, we like to take our time reading and won’t force ourselves to a schedule in regards to review. In addition, we reserve the rights to deny and ignore requests, as well as drop a book should it not live up to preliminary expectations. Lastly, we have a very strong stand point against cultural appropriation, and while we don’t mind LGBTQ+ books (some of Viet’s favorites are those, in fact), as straight guys, we don’t go out of our ways to find and read them without strong recommendations from close friends and family.

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