Vietnam Myths

Weekly Crash-course on all things Vietnamese myths and legends, from the perspectives of two Vietnamese born and raised.

A little sneak peek of what’s to come.

Week 1: The Duke and The Water God

Week 2: Linh Miêu – Necromancer Cat

Week 2.5: Differences in naming between Western and Asian Cultures

Week 3: Thuồng Luồng – a serpent/dragon-like mythical creature

Week 4: Diêm Vương (Yan Wang, Yanluo, Yama King) – The King of Hell

Week 4.5: Đối (對) – An essential art in Chinese and Vietnamese culture

Week 5: Ma cà rồng – Vietnamese “vampire” and the problem with Dunning Kruger Effect

Week 6: Princess Liễu Hạnh – Mother Heaven

Week 7: Legend of the Tết’s pole, or a story of the war against Demons

Week 8: Cường Bạo đại vương – if Noah were to rebel

Week 9: Mirrors in Vietnamese culture

Week 10: Curse of the Oil Sellers

Week 11: Kim Quy – the Golden Turtle God

Week 12: Ba bị, mẹ mìn, and ngáo ộp – Vietnamese trinity of child kidnapping Bogeymen

Week 13: A small collection of ghosts and malevolent spirits

Week 14: Thần trùng – a vicious demon that torture the dead

Week 15: Hồ ly tinh – the fox spirit/demon

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