Half-Alive Series

An Urban Fantasy Series sets in Vietnam.

Book 1: Eyes

“A Vietnamese Brothers Grimm tale! A little bit of creepy to read while curled up with on the couch. A 24hr read. Well translated to English.” – Reedsy Discovery.

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Companion Book: The Plane-walkers Guidebook

Stop!! Before you tap that little arrow and venture back into a sea of fantasies out there, hear me out.

This book has a she-demon who kill a god for Tinder, a race of blood suckers with toes fetish, and a feline necromancer on steroid.

Curious? I’ll admit, it’s a bit of a click bait, but hear me out. Those are not Lies! Yes! All of them and so many mythical creatures native to Viet Nam will be covered in this book for free, in a humorous way. Oh. And there’re home made memes. A lot, actually.

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