Book 1: Journey to the North

Vietnamese RAW

Chapter 1: Yin Marriage (June 16th, 2021).

Chapter 2: Corpse-eating Chicken (June 23rd, 2021).

Chapter 3: The Six-Feet-Under Stall (June 30th, 2021).

Chapter 4: Because you’re a Trịnh (July 7th, 2021).

Chapter 5: The Roof at three AM (July 14th, 2021).

Chapter 6: The Tam Cúc Set (July 21st, 2021).

Chapter 7: The Lynx and the White Dog (July 28th, 2021).

Chapter 8: The Corpse Retriever (August 4th, 2021).

Chapter 9: On the River of the Dead (August 11th, 2021).

Chapter 10: Bánh trôi nước (August 18th, 2021).

Chapter 11: Silence before the storm (TBD).

Chapter 12: Four Symbols Yin Suppression Formation (TBD).

Chapter 13: Night at the Graveyard (TBD).

Chapter 14: The Cotton Tree (TBD).

Chapter 15: Make a sound in the east, then strike in the west (TBD).

Chapter 16: The Six Avatars Scripture (TBD).

Chapter 17: A Toad’s Might (TBD).

Chapter 18: World’s best hidden weapon (TBD).

Chapter 19: Toad versus Corpses (TBD).

Chapter 20: The Vixen Report (TBD).

Chapter 21: Tears fall amid the rain (TBD).

Chapter 22: Wet Corpse (TBD).

Chapter 23: The Seven Sword Saints (TBD).

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