Week 15: Hồ ly tinh – the fox spirit/demon

This week on #VNmyth, we’ll go over Vietnamese Hồ ly tinh (and some of its counter parts in other parts of Asia like Chinese Hu li Jing, Japanese Kitsune, Korean Gumiho). I. Differentiate the entities: Etymology: Vietnamese hồ li tinh is a direct translation of the word Hu Li Jing in Chinese, both means “demonContinue reading “Week 15: Hồ ly tinh – the fox spirit/demon”

Week 11: Kim Quy – the Golden Turtle God

This week on #VNmyth will cover thần Kim Quy (lit: Golden Turtle God), a significant deity in Vietnamese mythos that still has shrines dedicated to him across the country. I. His roles and missions In most cases, he appeared as a messenger god (or more like aid and secretary) who carry out the will ofContinue reading “Week 11: Kim Quy – the Golden Turtle God”